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Effective organic rice-shrimp farming model

Effective organic rice-shrimp farming model
Tác giả: Diem Trang - Translated by Mai Tham
Ngày đăng: 16/02/2022

The Agricultural Extension Center of Kien Giang province held a seminar to evaluate mixed organic rice -shrimp farming model in Vinh Thuan district.

Organic rice - shrimp farming system has become more and more popular. Photo: Diem Trang.

To evaluate the results of the mixed organic rice -shrimp farming system and to facilitate farmers to exchange farming skills and experiences, the Agricultural Extension Center of Kien Giang and the agricultural extension station of Vinh Thuan district organized a seminar in Canh Dien 1 hamlet, Vinh Phong commune on December 10.

Vinh Phong commune was the largest shrimp-rice farming area of Vinh Thuan district with 7,670 hectares.  Its geographic condition was suitable for the implementation of the model.

In 2021, the shrimp-rice farming model has covered the area of nearly 6,000 hectares. Particularly the demonstration of organic rice farming has met the requirements. Tien Phong service cooperative based in Canh Dien 1 hamlet was willing to implement the demonstration model. Twenty-five households of the cooperative participated in the model.

The aim of the model was to promptly provide seeds, materials to farmers and to help them with organic rice cultivation techniques. Rice produced by the cooperative has met organic standards to be put up for sale in market.

The Agricultural Extension Center of Kien Giang province would sign contracts with the selected households and organize two training courses to teach them how to grow organic rice in shrimp farms.

Farmers participating in the model would be provided with ST25 rice variety and organic fertilizers. They were also asked to record their daily farming activities. Thanks to good weather and good farming practices, the 2021 rice crop has been in good-yield.

The cost for one hectare of mixed rice-shrimp farm was VND19 million of which the project helped with VND3.616 million. Average price of commercial rice was VND8,000 VND/kilo.  In this model, the total cost for one hectare was VND19.1 million and the total revenue was VND44 million on average. So, the profit averaged VND24.9 million per hectare, nearly VND1,7 million higher than control model.

The local farmers have shifted from conventional rice practices to organic rice farming, saying "no" to pesticides, ensure tracking the origin and reducing impacts on environment. Most of them were the members of the Cooperative making it easy for them to exchange information and experiences as well as help each other. The success of the organic rice-shrimp farming model will soon be multiplied to form a safe and clean material area and to build a brand for the organic rice product grown in the district.

The model has contributed to improving public awareness of not only farming technique but also of environment management and protection. The model will balance field ecosystem, reducing impacts on environment and improving soil quality.

It's important that farmers need to link up with each other to reduce production costs, create typical products and satisfy market demand, especially foreign market. The local competent authorities need to proactively promote and multiply the model in the near future, at the same time attracting more and more enterprises to come and buy farmers' products.

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