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To promote urban agriculture

To promote urban agriculture
Author: Thanh Hong – Translated by Vi Bao
Publish date: Tuesday. October 2nd, 2018

In the field of agriculture, Thu Dau Mot city now focuses on improving quality and strongly developing urban agriculture in order to create a sustainable development of household economy, contributing to the development of the local economy.

Orchid model of Bui Van Sang at Tan An Ward, Thu Dau Mot City. Photo: Quynh Nhien

In recent years, although the area of ​​agricultural land is constantly shrinking, the value of agricultural production in Thu Dau Mot city has increased, thanks to the good implementation of the policy shift from traditional production to agriculture urban. Especially in the previously pure farming areas such as Tan An, Chanh My, Phu My and so on, this process is happening widely and bring about positive effects.

In Tan An Ward, most of the area of ​​low yield rice is converted to orchards, orchids, bringing value up 3-5 times compared with the previous. To date, the area planted in Tan An is about 232.1 ha, of which the area of ​​perennial crops is 178.5 ha, the area of ​​rubber trees is 21 ha, the sugarcane is 8.5 ha, Market of 4 hectares, the rest are other trees. In order to maintain and develop fruit orchards, the ward mobilized farmers to join the fruit tree production association. Participating in the association, households will be supported with seeds and planting techniques for the production of high quality fruits; It is considered to receive 500 million VND from the Provincial Farmer Assistance Fund to develop and improve the orchard ... Thus, in recent years, people in the ward tend to invest in orchards and trees. urban agriculture, contributing to good income for people, actively contributing to the development of the locality.

In Phu Hoa Ward, many models of urban agriculture have been formed; models of growing orchids, dairy cows etc. for high productivity and stable output. For example, the family of Mr. Nguyen Van Thich successfully implemented the model of growing orchids. Thich said that his family had previously been raising chickens, but due to the disease, they often lost money. After that, he moved to grow orchids. With an area of ​​about 2,500m2, he invested over 7,000 orchids; On average, he earns about 7 million dong a week. He said that if farmers were trained and updated their orchid cultivation techniques regularly, farmers would find it difficult to understand the market. Lan growers had a relatively high income compared to traditional farming.

In Chanh Nghia, Phu Cuong and Phu Tho wards, many families have successfully implemented models of raising ornamental fish and birds. Supplying, distributing, designing gardens, gardens for residential areas, family parks ... thanks to industriousness, creativity, sensitivity to capture and meet market demand, the transfer of tissue The urban agriculture of farmers in Thu Dau Mot city has brought about stable economic efficiency for the families, contributing to the development of the local.

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