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Feed Balancer

Phối trộn thức ăn chăn nuôi

Feeds Balancer is a simple yet effective tool that allows farmers to quickly check that the nutrients being delivered to their cattle, poultry are adequate to meet requirements for health and production.

Hydroponics Calculator

Pha dung dịch thủy canh

Hydroponics Calculator is a online version of HydroBuddy. Hydroponics Calculator is a completely program for the calculation of nutrient solutions for hydroponics and general agriculture. The Hydroponics Calculator allows anyone to easily carry out calculations for the preparation of nutrient solutions, a very cumbersome task that can take a lot of time and effort when done manually. The Hydroponics Calculator also regularly updated new fertilizer formulas for hydroponic and plant.

Feeding Calculator

Định mức cho tôm ăn

Feed management is a key factor affecting water quality and production economics in aquaculture. Not only is the feed the initial source of physiological wastes, but it accounts for 55% to 60% of the operation costs in intensive systems and around 40% in semi-intensive systems. The Feeding Calculator helps farmers find out how much formula should you feed your ponds.

NPK Calculator

Phối trộn phân bón NPK

NPK fertilizer is primarily composed of three main elements Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K), each of these being essential in plant nutrition. Use NPK Calculator to estimate the fertilizer needed for your lawn or garden project. The NPK Calculator also allows you to produce a mixture of NPK suitable for your gardens, lawns and small field plots.

Survival Calculator

Xác định tỷ lệ tôm sống

Estimating the biomass or standing stock of shrimp in your pond is probably one of the most important field skills required in crop management. It is not only crucial for feed management, but also a useful tool for developing harvest strategies to optimise production levels. Survival Calculator simple tool that helps farmers to figure out how many shrimp is stocking in your pond.

Fertilizers Converter

Chuyển đổi đơn vị phân bón

A useful conversion calculator between various units of measurement commonly used in agriculture. The nutrient content of fertilizers can be declared as either oxide or elemental. Fertilizers Converter allows conversions between the two units.

Aeration Calculator

Xác định công suất sục khí

The number of aerators per unit of area can be calculated based on water respiration rate (phytoplankton), sediment respiration rate (decaying organic matter), cultured organisms respiration rate, and the Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate (SOTR) of the aerators. Farms that are successful in keeping the DO at no less than 4 ppm even in the morning are usually very successful, with good growth rates, a high survival rate and a low FCR. Aeration Calculator helps you calculate number of aerators to keep the high dissolved oxygen level in your farming.

Shrimp Converter

Chuyển đổi đơn vị tôm

Shrimp Converter was realized that the various world markets marketed and commercialized differently. There are three major factors that usually differentiate the shrimp between the markets - the species of shrimp, the size of it and the product type (HOSO, HLSO, PDTO, PD...). Shrimp Coverter has been identified that the main shrimp importers are the United States (USA), the European Union (EU), Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Australia. Each of these markets demand different shrimp with different sizes and product types which are all represented by the different HOSO groupings.

Greenhouse Calculator

Tính diện tích nhà kính

A greenhouse is a closed space for the cultivation of fruits, vegetables and aquaculture, consists of a structure that support a translucent outer shell, glass or plastic. It is a protected place where you can control environmental factors for optimal plant growth. Greenhouse Calculator is helpful in determining surface area and costs for greenhouses quickly and easily.

Pond Calculator

Tính thể tích ao

Good fish/shrimp farm managers must know the area and volume of all ponds and tanks. Exact measurement of area and volume is essential in order to calculate stocking rates and chemical applications. Stocking fish into a pond of uncertain area can result in poor production, more disease and possibly death. Chemical treatments can be ineffective if volume/area is underestimated and potentially lethal if it is overestimated. Pond Calculator will help you determine the volume that your pond occupies. Remember to keep accurate records of your measurements.