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Vegetable Garden for Beginners!

Vegetable Garden for Beginners!
Author: Home Gardening
Publish date: Monday. July 10th, 2017

If  you want to start gardening for years and making your small vegetable garden and do not know where to go we’ve got some very useful advice when it comes to gardening for beginners.

Breeding your vegetable garden is certainly one of the most rewarding activities you can engage in. Home grown vegetables is much tastier and healthier than the one purchased in a store, the freshness that we are not talking. Imagine a tomato über five minutes before use it in the kitchen? Is there anything better?

There are countless types of vegetables that you can grow in your own garden or even on the balcony, and we bring you a list of plantlets that are perfect for novice gardeners and which will not give you any problems.

Pods definitely are among the easiest plants to grow. The hardest part is to recognize that there is a seed that you plant bushy or climbing plant.

If you have a seed of a plant that grows as a shrub, all you have to do is to be planted in the ground at 1, 25 cm deep and well water the vines around until you have a little more work because you have to score the stakes on which the plant will climb . Green beans are starting to bear fruit about 45 days after you plant them.

Cucumbers and squash are also very easy to grow, and all I need to pay attention to is that you plant them into the depths of the earth three times greater than the size of the seed. You’ll need a small hole in the country, an average of 1.25 cm deep, put the seed into the hole, backfill, and after a week sprouts will be just as big. It’s amazing, is not it?

If you dig the whole plant transplanted root with the earth, transplanting at intervals of 30 centimeters because these plants can spread quite well and pour. In domestic cucumbers you can enjoy 30 days after you plant them, and the flasks after 60 days.

Tomato is definitely the most popular vegetables that it really is not, because it is well known that the tomato is one of the fruits, but either way home you can grow tomatoes without breaking a sweat.

The hardest part may be to decide which type to plant in a sea of ​​options that are offered to us. The key thing about planting tomatoes is that they do not plant in the cities during the day the temperature reaches over 32 degrees Celsius.

If you live in the southern regions of tomatoes are planted in late February, and further north in places and later, at the beginning and at the end of April. For tomatoes must first grow seedlings but later transplanted outside, and you can buy ready-made, grown seedlings.

Transplant them to the ground, which does not contain too many insects to eat them before they even receive it.

Spinach and lettuce are very easy to breed, you can plant them together in the same place, for a better growth required agitate the leaves of about 5 centimeters to leave the city for the growth of new healthy leaves.

If you want to start gardening, these are the plants that you will successfully grow without much effort and knowledge.

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