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How To Make Indoor Herb Garden

How To Make Indoor Herb Garden
Author: Home Gardening.
Publish date: Monday. July 10th, 2017

As the outside temperature down, it’s a great time to try it at home to cultivate its own garden with spices.

It is much more economical, and the taste of freshly picked spices and that the purchase or dried can not be compared.

Spices that no problem can grow at home as basil, chives, oregano, mint, coriander, marjoram …

First make sure you have a place under a window where sunlight reaches the light. Then you buy a male pot for each spice at a time for planting and the earth that can be purchased at every supermarket or florist.

Arrange the country after pot, pour in the well and leave one day to fully equilibrate to room temperature.

The next day put a few seeds, cover with a thin layer of soil and press lightly. Cover the pot with every bag and secure it with a rubber band to repot.

Daily check that the soil is moist and use a sprinkler for watering.

After two weeks it should appear small shoots.

When the plant grows about 5 cm, the little stunted sprouts and cut down to leave the city for those stronger growths.

With careful watering very soon you will have your fresh herbs at your fingertips.

Grew plants and flowers regularly pluck plants to leave space for regrowth.

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