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Tan Uyen Farmers Society actively supports farmers

Tan Uyen Farmers Society actively supports farmers
Author: K.Tuyen-Translated by K.T
Publish date: Saturday. May 26th, 2018

Over the past time, Tan Uyen town’s Farmers’ Society made efforts in supporting farmers to develop production models, contributing to promoting the local socio-economic development.

Photo: Thanks to enjoying support programs from by Tan Uyen town’s Farmers’ Society, Nguyen Minh Thao in Khanh Binh ward’s Binh Chanh quarter has developed his crops-vegetables growing model very effectively

One of highlights done by the town’s Farmers’ Society was to coordinate with relevant units to organize sci-tech transfer programs and provide loans for members to develop production models. The society and its branches also regularly mobilized well-off members to offer help to 200 needy ones with nearly VND1.1billlion, 454 working days, 23 tons of animal feed, nurslings, breeding animals, fertilizer…In addition, the society considered and disbursed loans for hundreds of farming households to foster cultivation and animal husbandry models.

The society and its branches coordinated with the town’s Agricultural Promotion Center, Plant Protection Station, Division of Economics, fertilizer companies and Mien Dong Safe Vegetables Company to organize tens of training courses, seminars on various plants and animals. The society also worked with the town’s Plant Protection Station and agricultural promotion sector to support farmers to build net houses to grow safe vegetables, automobile spraying systems and organize tentative models for farmers to study and apply them into production.

Vo Hoang Phi Van, Vice-Chairman of Tan Uyen town’s Farmers’ Society said that through its support models, the society helped farmers keep their mind in production, increase their incomes and rise up in life. This has made them always trust on the Party’s guidelines, policies and the State’s laws while actively getting involved in patriotic emulation movements. Currently, there are a lot of effective models reported in the town through the emulation movement of “Good farmer in production and business”. They include the vegetables and crops growing model of Nguyen Minh Thao; the pomelos-growing model of Ngo Minh Hung and Ngo Van Dung; the pigeons-breeding model of Le Huu Dau; the orchids-planting model of Duong Van Ly…

At present, the whole town has a total of 22 effective models, comprising of 8 cooperative groups on purchasing agricultural products, supporting techniques to plant gladioli in Uyen Hung ward; breeding commercial fish in Thai Hoa ward, growing crops, vegetables and tending rubber trees in Phu Chanh commune; planting crops and vegetables under VietGap standards in Thanh Hoi commune; growing crops and vegetables and breeding cows in Khanh Binh ward; growing crops and vegetables in Hoi Nghia commune…

The town’s Farmers’ Society has also actively taken part in the local new rural construction movement. In 2017, the society mobilized officials and members to upgrade rural roads with a total length of 47 kilometers; dredged in-field canals; cleared sewers with a total length of 5 kilometers; donated VND2.62billion, crops, fruit trees and 1,185 square meters to making rural roads…

On the other hand, the society teamed up with sectors, mass organizations to launch the “clean house, garden and street” campaign; joined hands with the town’s Division of Natural Resources and Environment to provide farmers with bins for used pesticide bottles and packages; regularly made environmental hygiene…, thereby contributing to raising farmers’ awareness in new rural construction.

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