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Growth Stage Monitoring

Effective Cost Management

Good Practices Management


Growth Stage Monitoring

Track the growth stage of your farms

Whether crops are still in the early growth stage or quickly approaching maturity, We will help you time your application efficiently with continuously-updating growth stage and maturity estimates


Effective Cost Management

A penny saved is a penny earned (Benjamin Franklin)

FarmX allows you to view your crops, customize your inputs and rates, and see your budget in just two minutes. See exactly where your money is going and what you stand to make


Crop Analytics

Good tools, increased productivity, accuracy and efficiency

FarmX assembles farm data in a structured format to run analytics to give insight on farm productivity, operation's efficiency and output forecast. System generated alters & highlights for all levels


FarmX helps you to manage farms, harvests, feeding, stocking, survival rate, costs, calendar for tasks.

Optimise feeding and boost productivity

Make use of empirical model data and reduce feeding costs by 10-40%. Receive intelligent advice based on your data and improve feeding performance.

Fast and accurate reporting

You do not have to be present on your farm, the FarmX allows you to access your farm records anytime.

Track farm operations in real time

Follow the progress of daily tasks from anywhere at any time using your computer or tablet and increase effeciency.

Get real time alerts

Get early warnings for health, mortalities and status of your infrastructure are available. Raise early warning alarms that you to act timely and avoid losses!

Get your data visualised

We help you focus on business performance and reduce management risks every single day.

Manage the performance of your staff

Staff is key to feeding control. With FarmX you can link actions and livestock performance to individual employees.


Secure data, accesible 24/7

Our Cluster service provides excellent security for your data and makes it accesible from anyplace, anytime. You own your data, and we keep it secure, private, and protected.