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High Oxygen Transfer

Paddle Wheel Aerator - Fast speed

Through years of continuous research and development, our Paddle wheel aerators supply oxygen into the environment higher than other types on the market. The rotational speed is nearly 100 rounds / min creating powerful flow, high transfer oxygen, collecting mud and keeping the pond bottom clean effectively.

Outstanding Quality

Paddle Wheel Aerator - ISO-9001

The average life expectancy of paddle wheel is more 5 years because the equipment is manufactured with high-quality, accurate processing. The reducer and motor are manufactured according to ISO-9001. All materials are selected to help the machine work well in harsh environmental conditions.

  • Power Saving

    Because of low friction coefficient and high dissolved oxygen, power consumption is low. Total monthly power cost is low significantly, which reduces the burden of costs, increases competitive advantage.

  • Strong Current

    Thanks to fast rotation speed, catching deep water, strong current, cleaning the pond bottom efficiently, unwanted gases such as NO2, NH3, CH4, H2S… are vaporized

  • Highly Oxygen

    Special design of the paddle combined with fast rotation speed helps oxygen dissolve into the pond better., stabilize pH daily, avoid stress for shrimp and fish.

  • Outstanding Quality

    The factory is equipped with modern production technology, strict quality control processes, so we ensure that the machine has stable operation and long service life.

The Key To Success

Paddle Wheel Aerator - Indispensable for shrimp farmers

Paddlewheel aerator

- Increase the level of dissolved oxygen in the water and prevent decreasing oxygen at night.
- Facilitate to vaporize unwanted gases such as NO2, NH3, CH4, H2S…
- Stabilize the pH daily.
- Speed up the decomposition of organic minerals in the water and soil.
- Reduce stratification pH, DO, salinity and temperature in the water.
- Circulate water in the pond and maintain the ideal conditions over the pond.
- Clean the bottom of the pond, promote releasing carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 is very important for the growth of algae and contribute to maintaining appropriate water color.

Paddle Wheel Aerator Applications

Paddle Wheel Aerators for intensive stocking

Growth shrimp farming

Greenhouse shrimp farming

Paddle wheel aerator for pond

We pride ourselves as providers of dissolved oxygen increasing solution in water for super-intensive, technology Biofloc, greenhouses shrimp farming projects …

Intensive shrimp farming

Shrimp farming liner

Taiwan paddle wheel aerator

Our paddle wheels provide superior quality, stable and durable performance. They bring effective, reliable, investment to meet flexibly the rotational models in several stages.

Nursery Postlarvae

Nursery increases survival

Paddle wheel aerator

The simple and particular design is suitable for modern aquaculture model. Paddle wheels move easily in ponds, install, maintain well as replace equipment simply.