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[[totalAmount]] Total Cost (VND): [[totalCost]]

Aeration installation in shrimp farming

We provide solutions for aeration installation in ponds simply, high dissolved oxygen, low costs. Quality of products and services are always at the highest level to serve customers.

Fi diffuser and Roots blower

Fi Diffusers + AT-65S blower

Assembled Fi Diffusers + AT-65S Roots blower

Nano-Tube diffuser

Hoa-Mai Plates + AT-65S blower

Assembled Hoa-Mai Plates + AT-65S Roots blower

Aero-Tube diffuser

2L-D68 Diffusers + AT-65S blower

Assembled 2L-D68 Diffusers + AT-65S Roots blower

Fi Diffusers and AT-65 blower

Fi Diffusers + Roots + Wheel

Assembled Fi Diffusers + AT-65S Roots blower

Paddle Wheel Aerator

Assembled Paddle wheel aerator HS-A240a

O2-Turbine Aerator 2L-T200

Assembled O2-Turbine Aerator (Model 2L-T200)

O2-Turbine Aerator 2L-A200

Assembled O2-Turbine Aerator (Model 2L-A200)

O2-Jeter Aerator

Assembled O2-Jeter Aerator (Model 2L-J100)

Nursery shrimp

Practical two-phased shrimp farming mode

Paddle wheel aerators

Clean the peripheral feeding areas of a pond