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Paddle wheel Aerator for aquaculture

Unique design

JH Paddle wheel Aerator is produced by break through improvement technology according to the most popular model in the international at the moment. JH Paddle wheel Aerator is high efficient and the oxygen transfer capacity is 2.59kg (O2)/h,34.3% higher than the standard.Power efficiency is 1.71kg (O2)/h.kw,36.8% higher than the standard. JH Paddle wheel Aerators are working well in USA, UK, THAILAND, VIETNAM, INDIA, INDONESIA, COLUMBIA, BANGLADESH…

Paddle wheel aerator for pond

High Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

JH Paddle wheel aerator can provide a high level of dissolved oxygen and large water flow, also durable and long life, especially with the noble era of energy, energy-saving is particularly important to reduce carbon. High efficiency oxygen transferring ability with 3.5kgs O2/h. Have good water current circulation as the making of large area water wave. That is why our Paddle wheel aerator has such good performance and the pond keeps in good condition no matter it is in the daytime or at dawn.

JH paddle wheel aerator

Cool water

Unlike the traditional water paddle wheels, JH Paddle Wheel Aerator splashed height approx 2M and cut them into small droplets and spray to the air. The smaller the droplet is, the more dissolved oxygen there will be. This is because the water is cut into small droplets and therefore becomes lighter. Then the water has more surfaces and more time to absorb the oxygen in the air. After having more dissolved oxygen in the water droplet, the water falls back into the pond due to the gravity and the dissolved oxygen in the pond increases.

Toxic in the shrimp pond

Eliminating Harmful Chemical Materials

NO2, NO3, H2S, NH4 and other harmful chemical materials could not be eliminated by the traditional water paddle wheel but our equipment can make it.

This is because our equipment vacuums the bottom water full of harmful chemical materials and throws them into the air for the exposure of sunlight to eliminate the chemicals and make a better ecological environment for aquatic animals.

Advantages of JH Paddle Wheel Aerator

Excellent oxygen transfer, along with significant circulation. The most important parts of paddle wheel are the reducer and motor.
JH reducer and motor are made by the multi-channel precise machine processing to achieve high quality standards.