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High dissolved oxygen

Through years of continuous research and development, Paddle Wheel Aerator of HUNGSTAR Manufacturer supply dissolved-oxygen into the environment higher than other types on the market. Special structure of the rotor bears a strong impact, catches deep water and promotes transferring better oxygen into the water.

Paddle wheel aerator for shrimp farming
Paddlewheel aerator for pond

Creating strong current

The rotational speed is nearly 100 R.P.M creating powerful flow, high transfer oxygen, collecting mud and keeping the pond bottom clean effectively, facilitate to vaporize unwanted gases such as NO2, NH3, CH4, H2S…

Advantages of HS Paddle Wheel Aerator

Low power consumption

HS Paddle Wheel Aerator consume low power based on the use of spiral bearings to save the roundabout and create big torque. Reducer is produced with the best quality, low friction, so operation is very gentle, and the machine saves power.

ISO-9001 standard

Motor is outstanding achievement in many years of research. Components of the motor are manufactured with the best materials. Motor has great torque, leading to reducing the risk of damage due to current overload, low heating, low power consumption. Motor achieves ISO-9001 standard and ISO-14001 system.

Outstanding quality

The average life expectancy of HS Paddle Wheel Aerator is more 5 years because the equipment is manufactured with high-quality, accurate processing. Propellers have very special structure to withstand impact forces, catch deep water, create a strong flow to transfer oxygen the water better. When compared with same types on the market, our Paddlewheel Aerator save 25% ~ 30% of power consumption.

HS Paddle Wheel Aerator Applications

Paddlewheel Aerator is shipped in complete set. Stages from designing, selecting of raw materials to packing are controlled strictly quality, to bring you quality products and best service.

Intensive shrimp farming

Intensive shrimp farming

Different diffuser techniques will be applied to suit different purposes. PPaddle Wheel Aerators provide a simple solution to this problem and can be used in some certain situations. Thanks to special design, paddle wheels promote the circulation of static flow, so they are often used in shrimp, fish ponds. Especially, they are widely used in super-intensive shrimp culture, intensive shrimp farming systems, high stocking density, Biofloc technology, indoor farming ponds, wasterwater treatment, lagoon aeration…

Indoor shrimp farming

Indoor shrimp farming

Today, aquaculture techniques are increasingly progressive; solutions for prevention and control disease on aquatic animals are more and more interesting. Indoor shrimp farming (greenhouse shrimp farming) is one of the effective solutions to accomplish this. Paddle Wheel Aerators are used to increase the contact surface of the water to the air thereby increasing oxygen absorption area into the water and creating water circulation in the pond. Paddle wheels keep the pond bottom clean in the culturing process.

Shrimp nursery system

Raceway Aquaculture

Shrimp Raceway Technique which has been applied by the South American countries over the years has proven its efficiency in many aspects. This is an important step to help farmers increase the success rate of each crop. Shrimp rearing stages not only overcome the loss of brood shrimp due to disease but also help to increase the survival rate for shrimp harvesting. Paddlewheel Aerators are used to increase dissolved oxygen, which creates favorable environment conditions so that shrimp growth up well, increase ability of catching prey.

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