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O2-Jeter circulates flow strongly

With special design, O2-Jeter Aerator creates the strong circulation of current, rotates oxygen source across pond area, reduces water stratification, helps temperature and oxygen concentration to mix in the whole pond system.

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O2-Jeter Aerator Operation

O2-Jeter Operation principle

O2-Jeter Aerator works by creating a vacuum attraction under the water, pulling air through the shaft and dispersing it into the water. When the propeller rotates, it creates an air flow through the air intake from the shaft located above the water surface. This air flow goes from tube to the propeller. Under powerful vortex of the propeller, air flow creates flow with fine bubbles and diffuses into the water.

O2-Jeter Aerator for wastewater treatment

O2-Jeter is higher dissolved oxygen

Dispersion of oxygen in water is related to the flow circulation, water subsurface and oxidation to create pond de-stratification where the temperature and oxygen concentration mix in the whole pond system.

The rotational speed of the O2-Jeter Aerator is 2800 RPM, resulting to creating tremendous thrust into the water to form the fast flow, transfer oxygen throughout the pond effectively.

Advantages of O2-Jeter Aerator

Dissolved oxygen and flow in the pond are factors contributing to the success of aquaculture. O2-Jeter Aerator has the ability to circulate flow strongly in high dissolved oxygen, which rotates the sediments at the bottom pond into the central area, cleans the bottom of the pond and prevents the formation of toxic gases in water effectively.

  • Strong water current, Completely reliable and maintenance free

  • Optimum oxygen transfer, Increased mixing and oxygen dispersion

  • Destratification of water = Uniform temperature and oxygen

  • Low maintenance due to only one moving part

  • Water lubricated bearing – No artificial lubrication necessary

  • No worries about clogged pump intakes or plants getting tangled

  • New advanced technology based on hydrodynamics

  • Designed for different liquids with varying densities or viscosity

  • Most energy efficient on the market

  • Adjust Anchor 30o, 45o, 90o easily, quicky

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